Bow Hunting 101

Bow hunting is often seen as one of those “manly” sports, but there is a small contingent of women that partake in bow hunting and take the sport to new levels. With bow hunting, people are getting in touch with the control of the hunt and are learning all sorts of new things about getting in tune with themselves and using their own bodily power to get in touch with the hunting aspect. Without the use of a firearm, people find that there is less to hide behind with a bow and find that the psychological aspect of bow hunting can be somewhat intimidating.

With bow hunting quickly becoming a new favorite in those seeking old-fashioned adventure, there are many new additions to the sport that people interested in it should get to know. One important aspect about bow hunting is the breaking of the “safety zone”. This must be done to get a clean shot at the prey. While traditional firearms hunters can stay at a relatively safe distance from their prey, a bow hunter must creep up on the prey and get inside a danger zone with the animal. This means that the animal could charge or attack at any moment within the danger zone. The hunter should be aware at all times because of this.

Bow hunting can be challenging, exciting, and rewarding if you are properly prepared. Bow hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

The most important bow hunting supplies are the actual bow and arrows. For the bow, you should get something a bit expensive. The cheaper bows will be at a much more diminished quality than the regularly priced ones. Since the bow is, in essence, your gun, you need to get a good one. Picking the right type of arrows is as crucial as picking the correct bow. Not all arrows are created equal, some are longer than others and some are lighter. It is important to talk with your sporting good supplier to find out which arrows are compatible with your specific type of bow..

Another thing you should pick up is extra bow wire. The bow wire can sometimes break when you pull it back, so you should have extras on hand in case this happens. One of the overlooked bow hunting supplies is the leather glove. Pulling back on the bow can really hurt and chap your hands after a while of use. To prevent bad hand chafing, pick up some leather gloves to wear when you hunt. This will also improve your grip on the bow and arrow, improving your shot. Many hunters have deep blisters on their hands after their first time bow hunting. This is because they didn’t realize what a toll this kind of hunting puts on your hands. Unfortunately, the use of gloves isn’t obvious; so many hunters go through this pain. Get gloves, important bow hunting supplies, in order to prevent this kind of painful mistake. You’ll definitely be grateful that you did.

235/75R15 Wrangler TrailRunner AT Tire Review

Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT

Goodyear’s 235/75R15 Trailrunner AT tire is an all-season tire that can grip the road in both wet and dry conditions. These sipes are also useful in cleaning mud and debris off the road’s surface. This can be very important in many driving situations. They also have circumferential grooves to help prevent hydroplaning, and improve wet-weather grip.

The Goodyear Wrangler trail runner AT all-season tire is reliable in all weather conditions. Its unique tread design allows it to grip roads in both wet and dry conditions. Additionally, the multi-angle sipes promote even tire wear. Its durable construction allows it to resist mud, debris, and other elements.

This tire is designed specifically for pickup trucks and SUVs. It features an aggressive, symmetric tread design that includes interlocking blocks and angled sipes. It also weighs 29 pounds and has a maximum load rating of 2039 pounds. It should be mounted onto rims between 6 and 8 inches.

All-season tire

Jeep enthusiasts looking to have reliable on-road performance can choose the Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT All-Season tire. Designed with multi-angle sipes and saw-tooth block edges, this tire delivers maximum grip in both dry and wet conditions. Its tread pattern promotes long tread life and reduces noise. Its durable construction ensures quiet operation even under harsh driving conditions.

The tread design features a sawtoothed edge and a rugged, stepped shoulder which improves all-terrain performance. The large interlocking tread block blocks help keep their shape even under severe driving pressure. They have a self-cleaning surface to prevent mud and snow from blocking the tread. The steel belt reinforcement helps prevent uneven wear.

Saw-tooth block edges

The Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT All-Terrain Tire is made for SUVs and light trucks. It features an aggressive tread pattern and saw-tooth block edges for traction and durability in adverse weather conditions. It also features a stepped shoulder for added traction in the mud.


The Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT is an all-season tire that offers excellent traction on rugged terrain. The multi-angle sipes and multidirectional tread patterns make it ideal for both wet and dry weather traction. It provides a quiet, comfortable ride and is durable.

The 235/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT has a unique 5-rib tread design that helps to shed snow and ice. The Wrangler TrailRunner AT has the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. It indicates that the tire is suitable for severe snow service. While non-winter tires may provide some snow traction, they do not offer the same performance as true winter tires.


The Goodyear Wrangler Wrangler TR TrailRunner AT is an all-season, all-terrain tire that delivers reliable performance on pickup trucks and other sport utility vehicles. Its tread design promotes even wear across the tread area. Its multi-angle sipes with saw-tooth blocking edges help reduce road noise and make for quieter driving. For added traction in mud and rocks, the tire has a stepped shoulder.

The tread pattern is interlocked with large tread blocks that provide durability on and off-road. The tread also has saw-tooth block edges and angled sipes to increase traction in winter. Internal reinforcement of the tire includes twin steel belts, nylon wrap, and a two-ply polyester body. This reduces noise levels and increases tread life.